Sunflower Acres is a revolutionary garden center and farm in the mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Custom Containers & Hanging Baskets

Custom Containers and Hanging Baskets
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At Sunflower Acres, we create stunning container and basket combos that will beautify your yard, patio or deck all season long! Welcome your guests and garner attention from your friends, family and neighbors with our custom containers and flowering hanging baskets.

Our Services Include:

• Residential container design, installation and maintenance
• Small business and commercial container design, installation and maintenance
• Custom hanging baskets, in a variety of sizes, for residential and business

Our Custom Design Process:

The design team at Sunflower Acres will meet with you to discuss what kind of containers or hanging baskets you want for your home or business. We consult with you on colors, plant preferences and placement then design a custom layout that is just right for you. We install the plants and arrange the containers just where you want them to create a gorgeous custom porch, patio, entryway or landscape. We also offer maintenance services to keep them growing and looking beautiful, all season long!

Call for pricing: 503-967-5902

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