Sunflower Acres is a revolutionary garden center and farm in the mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon.
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We offer homegrown produce and farm-fresh eggs.
We also create custom floral arrangements, container plantings, and hanging baskets to beautify your space. And we're just getting started! Stay tuned as we grow!

What's New

What's New

No matter the time of year, the garden is always changing and growing – and so are we! As our business grows we are broadening our offerings, discovering new plant varieties, and inventing fun ideas to share with you. Each month we create monthly tips and our ‘3-2-1’ just for you. To subscribe – and keep up with the ‘3-2-1’ – Sign Up Now.

Upcoming Events & Classes

Upcoming Events & Classes

With spring not far away, it’s a good time to plan your garden and learn new things. Here in the Valley, we are fortunate to have great garden experts on just about any subject. We’ve listed our favorite events and the classes we recommend for honing your garden skills – including a container gardening class from our resident expert and owner, Crystal. When you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive notice when we add events and classes over the coming months. Find Out More >>>

2016 Wish List - Photo Credited To Hort Culture

The 2016 Wish List

Just when we think our must-have list of plants for spring can’t get any longer, yet another selection pops up in the news or arrives in the mail. We seek to bring you the coolest new plants each season, like the new Asclepias ‘Monarch Promise’ PPAF that everyone is waiting for. When you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive notice when our Top 10 list and preorder form for 2016 is available.
Photo Credited To Hort Culture

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Let's Grow!
  • Proper Light
    From The Experts – January
    With the weather fluctuating between freezing cold temperatures and plenty of rain, it can keep you from spending quality time in your outdoor garden. Why not use this time to give a little love to your indoor plants?...
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  • Viburnum 'Pink Dawn'
    January Spotlight
    Winter solstice has passed. The days are getting longer. Our gardens will soon show signs of life, with swelling buds and bulbs poking up their noses. Yet winter is far from boring in the garden. So many gems take center stage in the winter and fade into the background come spring and summer....
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